Silk Painting Process:

I use and teach Serti and watercolor (wet-on-wet) techniques, also salt , sugar and alcohol effects techniques.

After stretching the silk on a frame, there are several methods for applying the dye depending generally on my subject choice. 

This is a unforgiving process.  For the silk painter, the initial painting is critical, there is little room for error.  

After the finished piece rests for 24 hours, it goes into a steamer for about 3 hours to set the dye.  

Steaming is yet another chance for total disaster. Steaming can reveal flaws in the silk weave previously hidden. And if not carefully wrapped, the dyes can stain or bleed across the silk.  

If I'm happy with the result, the silk is rinsed and pressed and ready for the client. 

Care: Hand wash separately in cool water with a drop of mild soap, rinsed, and gently wrung out. Iron from back while still damp with low setting, or steam iron when dry!